28/11/2012 14:38 GMT | Updated 28/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Cambridge Consultants Claim To Have Reinvented The Cup Of Tea

A Cambridge-based company claims to have reinvented the cup of tea.

Cambridge Consultants, described as an "innovative product development company" which helped develop the first round tea-bag, has come up with a capsule system reminiscent of coffee machines.

But instead of pressing water through the capsule, as in pod-based coffee brewers, the machine spins water through it, resulting in a fresher, cleaner brew.

The machine also pumps oxygen into the hot tea, and the company claims the overall effect is a quicker, better cuppa.

Take a look at their pitch, above. It's a big Dragons Den, but for a reported £150 it could be quite the revolution in elevenses.

They're promising new revelations at CES in January - we'll be there to take a taste.