28/11/2012 09:28 GMT | Updated 28/11/2012 11:18 GMT

Kate Middleton's New Hairdo: Duchess Of Cambridge Unveils Retro Look (PICTURES)

The Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a glossy new do at the Natural History Museum on Tuesday night, her trademark tumbling locks enhanced with a waved long fringe.

kate hairstyle

Kate's glowing chestnut locks picked up the hazel colour in her eyes

The fresh look for the Duchess appeared to have been crowned with a new mahogany tint.

She recycled an old dress from her impressive wardrobe for a chilly night at the museum, selecting her £1,400 green silk button-up dress from Mulberry.

With a thin belt and a billowing sleeve, Kate's pleated ensemble evoked the seventies and eighties, complementing her retro hairstyle.

kate middly

The Mulberry fabric is inlaid with hearts, the Mulberry tree symbol and a peace sign

Kate soft new hairstyle is a unusual change for the Duchess who usually sticks resolutely to her classic voluminous style.

The new do reminded the Daily Mail of her husband's late mother Princess Diana and Farah Fawcett. However Huffington Post UK thought Kate looked more like a Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith.

kate middleton

Kate is a dead ringer for Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith with her new hairstyle

The relaxed cut marks a return to a coiffure she first sported whilst dating the young Prince.

kate fringe

Kate has been seen with a fringe before

Kate talked to several museum staff as she was given a preview of the Treasures gallery including dinosaur specialist Dr Paul Barrett, who talked to her about a limestone slab that contains the fossil of one of the earliest known birds.

It has been described as the collection's Mona Lisa and is believed to be around 147 million years old.