29/11/2012 04:34 GMT | Updated 28/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Nasa's Mysterious Find On Mars Is Revealed (VIDEO)

Nasa was recently reported to have made a huge discovery on Mars - "one for the history books" - but refused to tell anyone what it was.

Now it appears to have been explained...

... and yes, it's not little green men.

The source of the notorious quote, Curiosity chief scientist John Grotzinger, of Caltech in Pasadena, has given a follow-up interview in which he dampens speculation about the find.

"We are getting closer to understanding what it takes and how to explore for organic compounes," Grotzinger said.

But not proof of life?

"Definitely not proof of life."

Oh well - whatever Nasa has found, it's still going to be interesting. But we probably won't be able to have a cup of tea and a chat with it.

... Yet.