29/11/2012 04:39 GMT | Updated 29/11/2012 08:23 GMT

New York City Has Day With 'No Violent Crime', For First Time In History

Perhaps it's the advance of the season of goodwill which made New Yorkers particularly peaceful on Monday.

For the first time in living memory, New York has spent a day entirely without violent crime, according to the city's police department spokesman.

There was not a single murder, shooting, stabbing or other incident of violent crime reported to the police for a whole day on Monday, the New York Daily News reported.

NYPD spokesman Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the paper it was the only day he could remember that had ended in "three zeroes".

new york police

The New York Police department was exceptionally quiet on Monday

Murders and manslaughter are down 23% compared with last year, which represents a 50-year low.

According to the BBC, there have been 366 murders so far this year in New York City, compared with 472 at this time last year.

So how does London compare, a city with the same population, but a lot fewer guns?

A Metropolitan police spokesman was cautious of the New York statistics, saying he would be extremely "surprised if the statistic means there has no violence, at all, in New York, at any time on Monday."

But in London on Monday, there was a suspicious death in Acton, he said, so London may technically have had a more violent day than New York.

But there were no murders on Tuesday or Wednesday, and London has had around 80 murders this year, compared to New York's 366, and the cities have similar populations of between 8 and 8.2 million people.