29/11/2012 13:13 GMT | Updated 03/12/2012 12:54 GMT

The Hobbit/Goonies Trailer Mash-Up (VIDEO)

What do you get when you mix footage from classic '80s kids' movie 'The Goonies' with audio from 'The Hobbit' trailer? Why, the adorable video above, of course!

Yes, a big tip of a Gandalf-style hat to YouTuber Lance Ford, who's created this delightful faux trailer showing the group of small-town American boys (with dwarf names) embarking on their adventure (led by Gandalf).

"One of my favourite movies as a kid was 'The Goonies'. 'The Lord Of the Rings' movies have been some of my favourite as an adult," explains Ford on the clip's YouTube page. "Based on the previous two sentences, I'm obviously a nerd, so I decided that in honor of 'The Hobbit' being released that I would make this trailer mashup."

Well, we're jolly glad you did, Mr Ford. And not just because we're '80s kids.

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(Via HyperVocal)