29/11/2012 12:42 GMT | Updated 29/11/2012 12:53 GMT

Yoko Ono's New Fashion Line Shows Bums, Raises Eyebrows

Yoko Ono and John Lennon were possibly the most famous creative couple ever. So it's hardly surprising that her latest creation is celebrating their marriage 43 years after it happened. With a range of menswear that features cutout bums, nipples and hands-on-crotches. Racy.

While Ono's artwork has frequently honoured her late Beatle husband, the fashion line, Yoko Ono Fashions For Men, is a new venture.

yoko ono fashion

Ono's new menswear collection: a pink mesh Cutout Shirt ($145) and white Trouser ($335)

Being launched by trendy New York store Opening Ceremony, the collection is inspired by a drawing Yoko made on her and Lennon's wedding night - a picture of a pair of trousers with the seat cut out, and a coat with a derriere drawn on.

As for the clothes themselves, we have a preview below, but highlights include florescent mesh, hand-shaped patches on zippers and... erm… a jock strap.

Is it art? Is it fashion? Will anybody ever wear it? Time can only tell.