30/11/2012 06:01 GMT | Updated 30/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Atari Celebrates Pong Anniversary By Releasing... Pong (VIDEO)

Atari has celebrated the 40th anniversary of its classic arcade game Pong by releasing... Pong.

The iconic gaming brand has been through a massive number of changes, sales and crises since Pong came out.

But the game's legacy is as strong as ever. It really was the first successful mainstream video game on its release in 1972, and in its way paved the road for the rest of gaming culture. And as a wonderfully simple concept - in which two paddles bat a blocky ball around for points - the game has been made and remade constantly since its original launch.

Now Atari have come out with one more version - Pong World - "the first-ever official new Pong game on iOS".

It's free, available now, and pretty good fun. Originally made for an indie developer's challenge, it adds new graphics and game modes, as well as wind and other obstacles.

Atari is also running a competition to win a customised mobile Xbox 360, complete with an attached LCD screen, designed to look like a classic Atari 2600 console.