30/11/2012 13:10 GMT | Updated 30/11/2012 13:14 GMT

Which Christmas Party Character Type Are You? (PICTURES/QUIZ)

Though the office Christmas party may move venue and bring new faces every year, the personalities of those invited never change, according to new research.

Experts claim exactly 10 party ‘characters’ are present at every single staff party regardless of where it is, which industry throws the bash or how many people attend.

The classic office party, will follow an almost formulaic pattern, according to a study by national bar chain Browns.

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Top 10 Christmas Party Character Types

Browns’ spokesman Paul Hulyer said: “We’ve been hosting Christmas staff parties for nearly 40 years at Browns and despite the changing fads and fashions, we’ve seen just about everything in that time.

“The faces may change as quickly as the music at these staff parties but one thing is constant – the 10 staff party characters who are present.

“Never is that more obvious than at the annual staff Christmas party. These character traits seem common at every staff party we’ve hosted since we were established in the 1970s.

“We reckon everyone can name someone who fits each of these categories our experts have devised.”