Origami Pop Stars, Made From Ticket Stubs, Re-Invent The Historic Art

Gaga And Jagger Become Muses For Origami Master

Origami is the precise, historic Japanese art of paper folding. But sometimes making swans and frogs can get a little dull, right?

Origami Master Mark Bolitho thinks so, and has instead turned his attention to creating tiny paper versions of pop stars from old ticket stubs.

While we appreciate the creativity, we're not entirely sure how identifiable some of these rockers are. However, the dedication to both the art and the act has to be respected.

Who do you think they are? Bolitho takes on Origami girl power

In the video below Bolitho, when explaining the project, says that he aims to give his tiny paper pop stars "a personality, to bring them to life" and, despite any physical restrictions, "capture what the acts were about."

Lady Gaga proved challenging with her tiny meat dress. Bolitho had to recreate meat, which the artist points out "is a rounded object", out of flat paper. Watch below to find out how he did it.

So what do you think? What should Origami conquer next? Check out our gallery to see the rest of the stars.

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