30/11/2012 06:32 GMT

Wii U Reviews Round-Up UK: What's The Verdict On Nintendo's Console?

Nintendo's new Wii U console has been released in the UK - and as the first new home system since 2006, excitement is predictably high.

But outside of the obvious appeal of Mario in HD, and the prospect of new Mario Kart and Zelda games further down the line, many people are still confused about its appeal.

The console's GamePad controller, which uses a touch screen to take games into your lap as well as the TV, is unusual and arguably a little baffling. And there are also concerns about battery life, and the commitment from developers to making games for the system.

So what do the UK's top reviewers make of the device?

The Guardian: Nintendo Playing By Its Own Rules

"Will the quirky charm of Wii U be enough to keep consumers and developers onboard? … Wii U is another wonderfully quirky product, and after a few days of use, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. But I'm not sure what the industry will make of it."

Techradar: Not For Hardcore Gamers (3/5/5)

"For Nintendo fans looking to finally enter the HD era, the Wii U may seem like a beacon of light in an endless downpour… Not only are the publisher's own properties sleeker than ever before, but third-parties can finally deliver the great games they've been making for other systems in recent years. But gamers who already have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 may struggle to see much of the appeal for now."

Daily Telegraph: Brimming With Potential (4/5)

"It is a video games console positively brimming with potential, with the Gamepad's varied and flexible toolkit allowing for some tantalising possibilities. Most importantly, it is a console with a sense of playfulness and childish glee that only the House of Mario can seem to muster."

T3: Will everyone be game? (4/5)

"Like Apple, Nintendo has become a conscientious objector in the tech spec wars, building fine products that you only really appreciate once they’re in your hands. The Wii U once again sees Nintendo plotting its own course and the results are as unique as they are satisfying. We just hope everyone is game."

IGN: You May Want To Wait (4/5)

"It's hard to compare the Wii U to hardware that hasn't even been announced yet, but if you're going to spend $350 on the Wii U, it's not a thought exercise without value. If horsepower is your main concern, you might choose to wait until next year when we'll doubtless see new, more powerful offerings from Sony and Microsoft."