01/12/2012 06:32 GMT

David Beckham Planning Restaurant With Gordon Ramsay?

David Beckham is not only planning to make a move back to playing football in Europe, he is also looking to set up a restaurant with Gordon Ramsay.

The footballer is currently looking for a new team to play for as one final challenge before he retires, but it looks like he is also making plans for once he hangs up his football boots.

Speaking to Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest, Beckham said: "We've got something in the pipeline. We are obviously good friends and we are excited about a project that could happen very soon. It will be a business thing but owning a restaurant is going to be fun as well."

While David is obviously keen to get to work on the project, there are no hints yet of the location of the eaterie or the type of food it will serve, and while Ramsay is sure to be involved with the menu David could be too, as he revealed recently he has been taking cookery lessons.

Rumours that the famous couple are planning to make a permanent move back to the UK emerged last week when Victoria spent the day touring multi-million pound properties for sale around London, including one a stone's throw away from Ramsay's home with his wife Tana.

Victoria has also taken her boys to see a posh secondary school in Barnes.

David has also been linked to moves to football teams in both Paris and Monaco.