02/12/2012 17:19 GMT | Updated 02/12/2012 17:24 GMT

TV REVIEW: Homeland - A Tale Of Two Hats, With Rupert Friend's Quinn Adding Another Layer Of Intrigue

In the aftermath of last week's slightly unlikely scenario of the United States' most prized security asset being nicked out from under their most beady eyes, and its biggest enemy rocking up to boot, it was all a bit of a mop-up operation, while Quinn got to wear two very different hats.


The net continues to close on Brody - thank goodness there are some payphones still working

Brody proved his patriotic colours, letting the CIA know about Nazir's arrival, but how truthful was he being about what went on with his tea-time chat with his former guru? We have three more episodes to sit through before it becomes clear why Brody forgot to mention sharing a prayer mat with America's most wanted.

Meanwhile, Mike 'better than my real dad' Faber got to be all buff and protective, bunkered down with Brody's bunch in their secure nest, until Jessica succumbed to his beefiness. It's almost like Carrie set up the whole cosy cuddles on purpose.


And whose side is Quinn on?

More interesting, as always, was the prospect of some double-dealing from within. Rupert Friend has been a satisfying presence ever since he turned up as the clever, angry analyst Quinn, but now he's been on the receiving end of a personal home visit from Saul's special spy club, we know two things – 1) he's in desperate need of a trip to Ikea, and 2) he's got a lot of weaponry for a strategic nerd, with no Dungeons and Dragons set in sight.

Amidst the four sets of Bambi eyes, including the “if you believe me, that's all that matters” nonsense going on between Carrie and Brody, Quinn's pale-eyed, twitchy enigma is a breath of fresh air. Along with all-seeing Virgil, who continues to get all the best jobs.

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