Fake Planning Notices In Brighton Are Our New Favourite Thing (PICTURES)

LOOK: Hilarious Fake Planning Notices Appear In Brighton

Today's tip of the comedy hat goes to Brighton resident, writer and blogger Phil Lucas - a man whose Twitter bio reads "Views here are mine and not those of the BBC. No surprise really, I don't work for the BBC. Never have done."

Yes, Mr Lucas is indeed a funny man. And the funny project that's brought him to our attention is this one:

That's right. Lucas goes around Brighton putting up fake planning notices - an idea that came to him "when I was walking past a lamppost and I saw a council planning sign," he tells The Huffington Post UK.

"I just thought it would be a good idea to do something weird with them as I’d not seen it done - and if there's an excuse for me to write a sign and put it on a tree or lamppost, then it’s very hard for me to ignore that." (You can see more of Lucas's similarly silly, brilliant projects on his blog).

And while Lucas tried to make each poster template look as authentic as possible, he says he hopes that it's "obvious the moment you see them that they couldn’t possibly be real".

"That’s why there are tell-tale signs built into them," he explains. "The council office address is made up, as are all the residential ones. I’ve made the head of council planning Levi Roots - and all the planning application numbers are types of plane, car, airships, engine or synthesizer."

The result is the wonderfully funny notices below (we recommend choosing the 'Full Screen' option for optimum viewing pleasure). You can check out more here on Lucas's blog - and follow him on Twitter @PhilLucas:

Hilarious Fake Planning Notices


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