03/12/2012 10:29 GMT | Updated 18/12/2012 10:47 GMT

Bic For Her, Crispello And Julia Gillard: Worst Sexist Moments Of 2012 (PICTURES)

From biros and laptops, to cars and chocolate bars, this year women have been treated to pinker, softer and less-calorific versions of many gender-neutral products.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle have also smiled tightly as stories about sexism pervaded politics, education and sport (remember the controversy around Beach Volleyball?).

Of course, this has also been a year of incredible female empowerment as, for the first time, every country participating in the Olympics fielded a female athlete.

So, just for posterity, here are the controversial moments that had us laughing, arguing and throwing our hands up in the office.

Were these the worst sexist gaffes of 2012? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sexist Stories So Far..