04/12/2012 06:02 GMT

25,000 Teddy Bears Are Thrown Onto Rink During Ice Hockey Game (VIDEO)

What are the chances of 25,000 people at an ice hockey game all having a teddy bear with them?

Pretty slim, we think you'd agree. Unless it's a junior Canadian ice hockey game - in which case, it turns out, it's a tradition.

Click play above to witness the glorious moment at a recent Calgary Hitmen’s game in Alberta, Canada, when nearly 25,000 of the furry toys were all thrown onto the rink in what is apparently known as the "grand teddy bear toss".

"The idea is to collect thousands of bears to be distributed to kids in need," reports BuzzBishop. "It’s a great event that packs the house each year."

Personally, we love it - and it's the most delightful thing we've seen happen on an ice hockey rink since this mother waded on to stop a fight, handbag and all:

(Via Viral Viral Videos)