04/12/2012 10:38 GMT

UK Weather: Will We See A White Christmas?

Will it be a white Christmas?

It's certainly looking possible, as the cold snap sets in.

Bookmaker William Hill say Aberdeen is the favourite to see snow, at 2/1 and London's odds are 4/1.

In Scotland, Edinburgh is 5/2 for a white Christmas, STV reports.

While the Met Office is predicting rain, as well as some snow in Scotland on Tuesday, by Wednesday the weather is set to worsen.

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Britain's certainly been cold over the weekend with snow falling across the country


Temperatures will turn chilly again by next week

By Wednesday, the weather channel predicts that temperatures will be, at maximum, 3-4C in the south of England.

The south of England could even see snow showers.

According to the Daily Mail the chilly snap is set to continue, with high pressure over Scandinavia affecting the north ast.


A robin sits on a snow covered fence post in Northumberland

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK on Monday the Met Office said: "What we will see is a bit of a change as we head into the middle of the week onwards."

By Thursday we could see 5cm snow in some parts of the UK, with the weather across the country turning chilly again by next week.

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