Heavy snowfall during Storm Arwen meant dozens have stayed at the Yorkshire Dales watering hole since Friday.
If you're 30, more than 50% of all global fossil fuel emissions have been released since you were born.
The Met Office issues a yellow rain warning covering overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday.
Dramatic clouds, bright rainbows, shocking floods and magical mists – see them to believe them.
Only seventh time the month has seen the mercury rise above the mark in the last 50 years.
From fierce heat to flooding, the highs and lows of the past few weeks send a message to us all.
Eating al fresco this summer? Banish wasps with these handy tips and tricks from a pest control pro.
We’re officially being trolled by mother nature.
The warmer and brighter weather coincides with the easing of England’s lockdown on Monday.
Temperatures in Scotland plunged to their coldest level in 25 years – but "weather is not the same as climate".
Some areas of the country could see as much as 20cm of snow, with amber weather alerts in place.
Torrential rain is also expected to affect many parts of the country.
As large swathes of the country were blanketed in heavy snow.
Yellow weather warnings in place after dozens of care home residents were rescued from flooding across northern England.
Torrential rain and melting snow will make for a “volatile situation” in parts of northern England, as some councils prepare for evacuations.
Three severe flood warnings have been issued, with residents in affected areas warned heavy rain could cause 'danger to life'.
Delta is the tenth named storm to hit the US this year, the highest number for more than a century.
The weather can be all kinds of off-putting. But, can you trick yourself into wanting to go out? We asked experts.
If your mask becomes damp, it limits its effectiveness. Here's what to do if yours gets wet.
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