05/12/2012 14:03 GMT

Newcastle United Is 'World's First Carbon Positive Club'

Newcastle United has declared itself to be the world's first "carbon positive" football club after cracking down on its emissions.

The Premier League team, who have been working to reduce their environmental impact, have said they now offset more carbon than they omit.

Eddie Rutherford, facilities manager at Newcastle United, said: "It's all about savings, savings, savings. The less energy we use, the less carbon we emit and the less impact we have on the environment, both locally and globally.


The club's website asks fans to make environmental pledges to help reduce the club's emissions

"It is a balance between achieving this and maintaining the very high operational standards required of a Premier League club.

"With the help of we have more than achieved this, and now with the support of CNI in off-setting the residual carbon footprint, it is a proud day for us to announce that NUFC is the world's first carbon positive football club."

On the club's website they also ask fans to make environmental pledges to help reduce the club's emissions.

Edward Carlton, CNI head of UK operations, added: "Partnering with as prestigious a club as Newcastle United is an excellent place to deliver our first venture in football - a new sector for CNI.

"We are proud to be a part of Newcastle United's new environmental message and delighted to have announced the partnership at last night's fantastic match at St James' Park."