07/12/2012 06:41 GMT

Street Art Show One Way London Turns Gallery Into Construction Site

Now that Banksy's become a household name, it's not unusual to see street art decorating the walls of a swish hotel or smart club.

So it's refreshing to see one gallery aiming to take street art back to its origins.

One Way London is a group exhibition giving up-and-coming artists, illustrators and designers a space to shine in gritty surroundings. For the occasion, the Modern Jago gallery will be transformed into a road work construction site, complete with barriers and traffic lights, to take street art back to the street.

While the work has a distinctly contemporary feel, referencing graffiti tags and Japanese illustration trends, the show harks back to the East London gallery's grimier roots - in Victorian times, its location was one of the most dangerous streets in London.

Get a sneak preview of the work below.

One Way London opens Monday 10 December 4pm - 9pm, Modern Jago, Club Row, London