09/12/2012 10:38 GMT

Ken Lynch, 75-Year-Old, Says Wife's £30,000 Dementia Bill Nearly Gave Him A Heart Attack

A 75 year-old-man who wrongly received a £29,289 bill for his wife's nursing care has said he "nearly had a heart attack".

Ken Lynch was invoiced by Central Bedfordshire Council and told he only had 14 days to pay despite "religiously" settling his monthly bill, reports the BBC.

Lynch's wife, Audrey, has been in a nursing home since August with a form of dementia.

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Lynch wants a full apology in writing

Lynch told the Bedfordshire on Sunday: “If it had been sent to somebody else who was frail and not as aware of these things as me then they might have had a heart attack!

"I am very surprised that they can’t get the figures right for something like this.

"It is absolutely unbelievable and sheer incompetence."

A spokesperson for Central Bedfordshire Council said: "We can confirm that the invoice was sent to Councillor Lynch in error and we have since apologised for any anxiety this might have caused to him and his family."