10/12/2012 13:47 GMT | Updated 10/12/2012 14:11 GMT

Ryanair Flight Travelling From Manchester 'Nearly Crashed Over Germany'

A Ryanair flight travelling from Manchester to Bavaria came close to crashing in dramatic scenes which have only come to light after being revealed by Der Spiegel.

In September 141 people travelling to Memmingen in Bavaria, Germany, narrowly escaped disaster after programming the autopilot with an "incorrect altitude" to save time.

The pilots were trying a new manoeuvre which led to the incident, according to Der Spiegel, who have had access to the flight logs.

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The pilots were trying a new manoeuvre which led to the incident, according to Der Spiegel

"The pilot admits to having been under time pressure. To make up a nearly 30-minute delay, the decision was made to approach the runway from a different direction than was planned. Thus, saving time on the ground while taxiing to the gate." the German newspaper reported.

A Ryanair spokesperson said in a statement released to The Huffington Post UK confirmed that the incident had been reported to the Irish Aviation Authority, saying the plane had encountered "unexpectedly high tail-winds."

"Ryanair flight FR3214on 23 September last was on its final approach to the runway in Memmingen when they encountered unexpectedly high tail-winds. The crew decided to initiate a go-around procedure in-line with Ryanair operating policy.

"After they had already commenced the go-around the aircraft warning systems sounded and the crew completed their go-around, landing normally a short time later.

"This incident was reported to the IAA on 24 September and is the subject of an ongoing investigation."