The ad is the third most complained about of all time, says the Advertising Standards Authority.
The passenger received a text informing him of his positive test result minutes before take off at Stansted Airport.
The airlines are calling the government's 14-day policy "flawed".
Airline CEO Michael O'Leary called for the profiling of Muslim men at airports during an interview with The Times.
A quarter of Ryanair passengers said cleanliness on flights was 'poor', according to a Which? survey.
The British pilots' union has accused the airline of refusing to take part in talks.
A second round of pilot strikes is planned between September 2-4.
Passengers say the airline has unhelpful staff and miserable complaints handling.
Ryanair, which has its main UK base at Stansted, will see many of its airports affected ahead of the bank holiday weekend.
The decision comes just hours before industrial action is due to start.
Pilots are threatening to strike in two short bursts – once later this month and again in early September.
The budget airline reported a 21% fall in profits this year...
Customers can face up to £160 charge – but that might soon change.
Helen Wakefield says her son Leo was left "petrified" after Saturday's incident.
“It’s going to take time but we’re happy that this is being taken seriously,” Carol Gayle, the victim’s daughter, told HuffPost UK.
The family of Delsie Gayle said the pensioner has had counselling since the incident.
The budget airline fell into the red for the three months to the end of December.
'We believe this lower fare environment will continue to shake out more loss making competitors.'
EasyJet and Jet2 fared much better in the survey.
One in six Ryanair customers has been on a flight with a disruptive passenger.