10/12/2012 06:00 GMT | Updated 12/12/2012 08:13 GMT

Ikea Tiny Monkey In A Coat And Nappy Takes Twitter By Storm (PICTURES)

UPDATE: Ikea Monkey Owner Reveals 'Fatal Attraction' Bond & Videos Of Darwin Brushing His Teeth & Wearing Dungarees

A tiny monkey wearing a nappy and a shearling coat caused a stir at Ikea in Toronto after escaping from its owner.

The determined little monkey unlocked its cage and opened the car door before waddling over to Ikea to browse the flat-pack furniture.


The stylish monkey takes a trip through the car park

The animal was snapped by confused Ikea shoppers, including Lisa Lin, who said seeing the little monkey was "surreal."

Ms Lin, 30 told the Globe And Mail: “I thought 'Is that really a monkey?' Who brings a monkey to Ikea?"


The monkey looks mournfully through the glass (before realising there was a sale on)

The monkey soon became a miniature fashion icon as pictures circulated on Twitter and Facebook. The monkey was loose for around an hour, reported Gawker.

One social media user commented on the style inspiration provided by the monkey's floor length winter coat:

Another suspected the monkey was a more malicious primate

Police managed to capture the monkey, which was a rhesus macaque. The owner was fined $240 as the breed is illegal in Canada and will not be reunited with their monkey, reported CTV Toronto.