10/12/2012 15:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What To Wear For The School Run - Will You Be Preening For The First Day Back?


So have you got your back-to-school togs all ready for next week? And we don't mean school uniforms!

A new survey has revealed that a massive two thirds of mums dress to impress on the first school run of the academic year, with the average school-run-mum spending up to 25 minutes getting ready for the first day of term - that's seven minutes longer than she spends getting her kids sorted!

The research - undertaken by Sainsbury's - also discovered that these mums will have splashed out £60 for new clothes, shoes or accessories, whilst one in five will have indulged in a £50 haircut ready for the start of term - which astonishingly is more than the £72 they spend on a uniform and stationery for their child!

Three-quarters of mums 'fessed up that they would never wear the same outfit as the day before when they turn up at school, and seven in ten admitted they were nervous about how the other school gate mums perceived them.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's commented on the findings, saying: 'Mums feel the need to impress at the school gate, so much so they spend more time and money on themselves than their kids.

'And it seems looking their best is something else they want to perfect for the first day of school. People are often quick to judge, and a massive number of mums feel the need to impress at the school gates and purposefully get their hair done or splash out on new clothes.

'So much so they're spending more time and money on themselves, rather than getting their kids ready to step out the front door in their new school uniform.'

What do you think? Do you make the effort for the first day back? Or do you dress up for the school run everyday? Or, is it strictly coat over pyjamas and slippers for your school drop offs?

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