11/12/2012 14:03 GMT

'Cat Burglar' Accidentally Stole Sets Of Keys From Neighbours In Stoke Newington

A spate of purr-fect key thefts in a North London neighbourhood sparked fears of a crime cat-astrophe leaving residents and fur-ious and totally puss-lled .

The culprit was eventually collared and identified as Milo, a real-life cat burglar, meaning the mystery was cat-nipped in the bud.*

Milo's owner, Kirsten Alexander, 27, had given the moggie a magnetic collar that automatically unlocked their cat-flap, reports the Daily Mail.

cat burglar

Milo with her haul

It also had the unforeseen consequence of attracting keys as the felonious feline made her way around the homes of neighbours.

Alexander said: "I put a magnetic catflap to stop other cats coming in to steal Milo's food, but I had no idea what she was getting up to all day when I was at work.

"Obviously she likes roaming around and sneaking into other people's homes and it just so happens that her magnetic collar kept picking up people's spare keys," reports ITV News.

Milo was eventually caught red-pawed returning home one night with keys around her neck.

cat burglar

Milo looking suitably ashamed of her actions

Alexander said: "When I saw her coming through the catflap with a set of keys round her neck I thought 'poor thing' because her neck was really weighed down, and then it dawned on me what was happening.

"I've given all the keys back and luckily neighbours have seen the funny side of it."

Milo was unavailable for comment.

* Five puns in first two pars must be some sort of record