Healthy Genes? Why You Won't Follow In Ancestors' Footsteps (PICTURES)

Why You Won't Follow In Ancestors' Footsteps

Ever wondered how more years you've got on the clock? Well, unlike your ancestors, there are many diseases and health problems with which you simply won't have to contend.

In the past 100 years, vaccines against nasty diseases, such as smallpox, which killed 300m people in the 20th century, have been eradicated.

Likewise, health problems caused by poor living conditions, such as inadequate sanitation, have become less common. Cholera hasn't been endemic in the UK for over a century, although is sadly still plagues poorer communities such as Haiti.

Modern medicine and research has also challenged the outcomes of health problems such as diabetes, pneumonia and the flu, which were seen as a mortal threat.

Experts have also succeeded in isolating key dietary elements needed to tackle ailments.

Modern children are encouraged to have a diet rich in Vitamin D and calcium as a means of preventing rickets, a condition that causes weakening and softening of the bones.

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Generations Of Disease