11/12/2012 03:57 GMT | Updated 09/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Sculpture Heaven: Henry Moore And Auguste Rodin Brought Together For New Outdoor Show

One is considered the forefather of modern sculpture, the other is England's best known exponent of the art.

Now, the work of two of the best known sculptors in history will be shown side by side in a glorious outdoor setting.

The Henry Moore foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire will open a new exhibition in March that pairs the British artist's work with pieces from Auguste Rodin.

rodin moore sculpture

Rodin's Walking Man and the Henry Moore foundation in Hertfordshire

The gallery, which includes 70 acres of garden, has secured several significant loans from the Musée Rodin in Paris in order to exhibit another artist alongside Moore for the first time in its history.

Adam (1881), the third maquette for The Gates of Hell (1881-1882) and Walking Man, Large Torso (1906) will all be carefully shipped over from France, and some will be exhibited outside.

Alongside sculptures in stone, wood, plaster and bronze, the foundation at Perry Green also features drawings and sketchbooks and Moore's restored home and studios.

Rodin, who died in 1917, was a huge influence on Moore. Before the Yorkshireman's own death in 1986 he had described Rodin's sculpture Monument to the Burghers of Calais - which can be found outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster - as the London's greatest public sculpture.

Moore was also a minor collector of Rodin, owning a cast of the Frenchman's Walking Man and several of his photographs.

In 2005 Reclining Figure (1969-70), a bronze sculpture, was stolen from Perry Green. Thieves are believed to have used a crane to take the 2.1 tonne statue which they then sold for scrap.

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