13/12/2012 08:54 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Nintendo Wii U Add-Ons: 7 Must-Buy Indie Games, Accessories And Extras

Nintendo's new Wii U console has divided opinion pretty evenly since its release last month - and with its creative/odd (delete as applicable) touchscreen controller and retro-inspired games, it's easy to see why.

But in HuffPost's opinion, it's a great little machine. In our review we stated that it's probably the most fun you'll have playing video games with other people this Christmas - and we stand by it.

Yes, it's not going to replace you Xbox for Call of Duty - and it will likely be blown away in graphical terms this time next year. But Nintendo is doing it's own thing, and that's good to see when the results are so bizarre and unique.

So now you've got your Wii U and you've played a bit of Nintendo Land, Mario and ZombiU, what do you get next?

We've had a rifle through the available accessories, indie games, downloadable extras and virtual console games for the machine to uncover what we think you need to add to you Wii U collection.

Take a look at our picks below.