Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals He Made His Star Trek Audition Tape On An iPhone - And He's Not Khan!

Cumberbatch NOT Playing Khan In Star Trek - Official!

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he is the next 'Star Trek' villain, but... drum roll... it's not Khan, despite all the rumours that have been surfing the web since news of his participation emerged.

Cumberbatch is the villain in the forthcoming 'Star Trek into Darkness', but he plays John Harrison, "a one-man terrorist, who does despicable things for a noble cause" - a character Cumberbatch is hoping will elicit sympathies, despite his capacity to be a "one-man weapon of mass destruction and psychological warfare - it's a great write".

Benedict Cumberbatch with Star Trek director J J Abrams and his co-star Chris Pine

The 'Sherlock' star revealed that it was a great day when he got the role - especially after he'd ended up making his audition tape for the part on an iPhone in a friend's kitchen.

He explained that his initial plans to make a professional-looking tape fell through and he was in a massive rush not to miss his deadline.

So Cumberbatch ended up recording three audition scenes in the kitchen "standing on two chairs, with a table lamp for direct light, and the whole thing recorded on an iPhone. Then I finally sent it off, and they told me, "J J Abrams is on holiday".

The film co-stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve, and is J J Abrams' second turn at the rebooted franchise.

Cumberbatch was speaking at the showing of nine hallowed minutes of footage of the new film, which won't be in UK cinemas - in IMAX and 3D - until next May.

Watch the trailer below...


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