14/12/2012 08:01 GMT

Chinese Woman Can Write With Both Hands At Once (VIDEO)

Think your party trick's pretty special? Sorry, but we're willing to bet it's nowhere near as impressive as Chen Siyuan's super-skill. She can write with both hands at the same time - and in different languages. Beat that!

The 24-year-old translator from northern China discovered her talent while struggling to cope with piles of English homework at school.

She told People's Daily Online: "When I was in high school, I unconsciously wrote with both hands while trying to finish my homework in a hurry. My classmates were curious and tried to imitate me, but none of them succeeded."

Watch the video above to see her demonstrating her skills. Then click through our slideshow below to discover some of our favourite comedy stars' hidden talents. Sadly, none of them can write with both hands, though...

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(Via Daily Mail)