How To Build A Supercomputer (Timelapse Video)


Ever wondered how a supercomputer is built? Well, it's hideously complex and technical, obviously. On the plus side, if you record someone else doing it and play it speeded-up, it actually looks like a genius building a Lego castle.

Thanks to Kotaku we've just watched this clip of a supercomputer being constructed. And it's awesome.

The machine is question is the Fujitsu Primergy cluster high-performance supercomputer. tells us the machine is located at The Australian National University, and has:

  • 57,000 cores = 15,000 home PC's
  • 160 terabytes of RAM = 40,000 home PC's
  • 10 petabytes of hard disc = 10,000 PC hard drives
  • 1,200 teraflops of peak computational performance = 5 months worth of calculations by 1 billion people armed with calculators, in just 1 second.
  • 9 terabyes of network = 9 million home internet bandwidth connections

Take a look at it being built, above.

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