14/12/2012 04:27 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Margaret Moran Sentenced Over Fiddling Expenses Claims

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran has been given a two-year supervision and treatment order for fiddling expenses to receive more than £53,000 from the taxpayer.

Moran, 57, who represented Luton South for 13 years, claimed nearly her entire annual allowance in one bogus expense entry and forged invoices for more than £20,000 for non-existent goods and services.

The disgraced former MP's claims were the largest amount uncovered in the wake of the MPs' expenses scandal, but she does not receive a criminal conviction after a judge ruled she was unfit to stand trial for mental health reasons.

She was sentenced on Friday at Southwark Crown Court to a two year supervision and treatment order, to be supervised by Southampton City Council.