14/12/2012 08:40 GMT | Updated 13/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Playable City Award Shortlist: 'Arc Project' 3D Scanner Museum Among 10 Finalists (PICTURES)

A living 3D museum of an entire city - and its residents - could be created in the UK, after the idea made the shortlist for a prestigious design award.

The 'Arc Project' is one of ten ideas which have made it onto a list of 10 finalists for the 'Playable City' Award.

The £30,000 prize was launched by Watershed in October to "surprise and engage audiences by bringing a sense of wonder into public spaces".

The 10 shortlisted ideas were chosen from a total of 93 entries from 24 countries.

They include the 'Arc Project' idea by Ivana Basic, Kyle Macondald, Gabriella Levine and Jack Kalish of New York City.

The project would see a series of 3D scanners installed in booths around Bristol to create the augmented reality "museum of life".

The project would let visitors be scanned - and "special viewing bubbles will allow anyone to see both themselves and the life size imprints left by those who were there before them".

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Other ideas include the Baloonometer, which is what it sounds like - a giant installation made of balloons.

This idea would be to "invite the residents of Bristol to rediscover their spirit of playfulness. By bursting some balloons."

The team behind it say it would be "a colossal crowd-controlled installation using balloons, microphones and fans. The city can collaborate to play: using phones and microphones to move the balloons into a safe house or a container full of spikes."

The full list of 10 ideas can be found below:

Playable City Awards

The winner will be announced in January, and should be ready by the summer before an international tour.

Clare Reddington, chair of Playable City, said in a statement: "We've had the connected city, the green city and the smart city, but we've yet to embrace the Playable City.

"By launching the Playable City award we wanted to show how cities can be fun and easy to play with in a free and open way. The strength and diversity of the applications we received from artists all around the UK and beyond shows that the Playable City has a bright future and one we are very excited about."