17/12/2012 05:55 GMT

HM Revenue And Customs 'Inner Peace Campaign' Mocked On Twitter

HM Revenue and Customs is to be renamed HM Relaxation and Condescension after apparently being taken over by peace-loving hippy types.

Well, not really but their new campaign urging people to get their tax returns done early has a distinctly 'New Age' feel about it.

inner peace

To be fair, he does look really, really relaxed

The posters, and accompanying Twitter campaign, urge people to find "inner peace" by not leaving that most complex of self-regulatory financial regimens to the last minute.

Those who do not submit to the sleepy eyes - and a grin so big as to surely rule it out of the real world of tax returns and P60s - risk a £100 fine.

Oh, and will never, EVER, be able to levitate.