Loud Bicycle: Bike Horn 'As Loud As A Car Horn' On Kickstarter


A bicycle hooter as loud as a car horn has hit Kickstarter in the latest tech innovation designed to increase the safety of cycling.

The 'Loud Bicycle' is pitched as a way to make cyclists most 'visible' on the road.

It promises a horn which can be mounted on a bike, but which is as loud as one typically found on a car - about 112 decibels.

The project's inventor is searching for $43,000 on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter to put the horn into production.

As of press time more than 300 people had contributed $28,000 to the idea.

Its makers say:

"Cycling in traffic can be frightening and dangerous. The Loud Bicycle horn prevents accidents by alerting motorists with a familiar sound. The safety benefits of the horn give more people the confidence to travel by bike"

The horn can be sounded for up to 30 seconds at a time, and uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries with up to two months of charge.

The horn works in rain, sleet and snow and snaps onto any handlebar.

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