17/12/2012 10:23 GMT | Updated 17/12/2012 13:10 GMT

Ridgefield, Connecticut, Schools Briefly On Lockdown Amid Reports Of 'Suspicious Person'

Schools in a Connecticut town just miles away from the site where 20 children were killed on Friday were briefly put on lockdown briefly on Monday after reports of a "suspicious person" who could be armed.

The news came days after the massacre in Sandy Hook, Newtown, where 26 people were gunned down.

A dispatcher at the Ridgefield Police Department told Reuters they were "looking for a suspicious person."

A parent walks his daughter to school in Connecticut

Connecticut State Police's Lt Paul Vance confirmed Ridgefield, 21 miles away from Newtown, was on lockdown during a press conference on Monday. "There's a report of a suspicious person that may in fact be armed," he said.

"We're not sure what the situation is, we sent appropriate personnel in that direction."

Local paper the Hartford Courant reported there was a suspicious person at Branchville Train Station.

Lt Paul Lance also divulged that the school in Newtown where the massacre occurred would be a crime scene indefinitely.

"There are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed. We will not stop until we have interviwed every one of them," he said.