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“It's all part of a plot to control him,” said Alex Jones, infamous US radio host Alex Jones has claimed.
Dunblane mourns the dead (above) and a woman (below) says a prayer as she lights a candle and places flowers the day after
The latest gun massacre in America where 12 people were killed in Washington DC has another thing in common with the mass murder last December of 26 kids and teachers...violent computer games. To be more specific it was the life-like combat killing spree Call of Duty.
Jim Carrey is refusing to be part of the promotion for his latest film, 'Kick-Ass 2', because of its violent content. In
Washington has moved on in the six months since Sandy Hook. Over 5,000 gun murders have taken place since then, a toll greater than all the US deaths of the Iraq War. Those names are being read out today in front of the Capitol, a stinging rebuke to Senators who voted against reform.
A British internet troll has admitted threatening to kill 200 US citizens in Facebook posts which led thousands of children
The mother of a British boy shot dead in the Sandy Hook school massacre has spoken of "finding her voice" in the campaign
Family members who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last year have appeared in an advert urging
As should probably have been expected in the wake of the December shootings at Sandy Hook, America's knee is still jerking over a month later, in a variety of depressingly haphazard directions.
It's the daughters and sons of gun owners that need to be kept an eye on; they're the ones most at risk of being killed in a massacre, or being the cause of one.