17/12/2012 05:22 GMT

'One Ring': Gandalf And Co Spoof One Direction's 'One Thing' (VIDEO)

As Hobbit-mania grips the nation (now, don't pretend you're not sitting there wearing novelty elf ears), those Middle Earth parodies are coming thick and fast.

And today, Gandalf and co are treating us to their very best One Direction impersonation - reworking the lyrics of the boy-band's hit 'One Thing' to produce their own version, 'One Ring'. See what they did there?

And we have to say, Gollum makes an irresistible alternative to Harry Styles... Although we do rather like him being played by Ricky Gervais, too:

And while we're on a One Direction tip: we have to admit that 'One Thing' always makes us feel all gooey inside because it reminds us of this...

(Via Tastefully Offensive)