18/12/2012 06:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bananas Banned From Primary School Because Of Teacher's Allergy

Bananas banned from primary school because of deadly allergy threat to teacher Getty

We've got used to our children being warned against taking food containing nuts to school because of the threat of deadly allergies, but at a primary in Halifax bananas have been banned.

Ling Bob School has asked parents not to put the fruit in their kids' lunchboxes because they could kill one of the teachers, who has developed an 'extreme allergy' which could be 'potentially life threatening'.

A letter headed 'Urgent Warning' was sent to parents informing them bananas can no longer be eaten as a snack. And the school canteen have also scrapped them from the menu to be safe.

The letter read: "A member of staff has developed an extreme allergy to bananas. "When she comes into contact with a banana she is having an increasingly severe anaphylactic shock reaction which is potentially life threatening.

"Thank you for your support in helping us keep our staff safe, but do still enjoy eating bananas at home."

The ban affects all children attending the junior, infant and nursery school.