Mayan Apocalypse: Russians Stockpile Food, China Makes Arrests For End Of World Rumours, Americans Buy Luxury Bunkers

Stockpiling, Arrests & Luxury Bunkers: Here Comes The Mayan Apocalypse

So, three days to go til the end of the world, right?

Well that's if you're counting down on your novelty Mayan advent calendar. (What's behind December 21? An atom bomb? A squirrel with a switchblade? Sweet FA? Perhaps jolly things up with artist Darren Cullen's Topless Mayan Calendar - Final Edition.)

Citizens of Russia are sufficiently concerned to have began stockpiling food, matches, candles and torches in preparation for the big day.

It's the end of the world as we know it... possibly

On his official website, he wrote: "People are buying candles, saying the end of the world is coming.

"Does no one realise that once the end of the world comes, candles won't help them?"

Meanwhile in China, over 100 people have been detained by police for spreading rumours about the end of the world, The Independent reported.

Many of those held are believed to be members of the fringe Christian group Almighty God.

In America, business is booming for Ron Hubbard, a manufacturer of hi-tech underground survival shelters.

"I don't have an opinion on the Mayan calendar, but when astrophysicists come to me, buy my shelters and tell me to be prepared for solar fires, radiation, EMPs (electromagnetic pulses)...I'm going underground on the 19th and coming out on the 23rd. It's just in case anybody's right."

So, Huff Po UK readers, how are you preparing for the end of the world?

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