We’re obsessed with grim environmental tales, but most of them miss the point.
The future could contain astronomical amounts of value, so understanding and preventing existential risks should be a top
When or if the apocalypse arrives, we should accept it with equanimity
Did you know that cows are the leading cause of deforestation?
David Meade's 'Niburu Apocalypse' is just another racist attempt to discredit Africa's heritage, academics say.
I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which weakens my limbs and leaves me highly dependent on others. I have my wheelchair and I do fine on sidewalks. But batteries die, stairs show up, and I do get hungry from time to time. Now, throw zombies into that mix!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not championing for the world to be set on fire so we can start over. But it does feel like the world is at a crossroads, doesn't it? May be the world wants to date other people?
Earth has experienced the apocalypse more than once. From the famous Chicxulub asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs to