Meet Basse Anderson, The World's Most Easily Startled Man (VIDEO)

WATCH: The World's Most Easily Startled Man

We'd now like you to meet Norwegian office worker Basse Anderson. Say "hello" to Basse, everyone. But a word to the wise: please don't say it too loudly or creep up on him from behind. The reason? He's possibly the world's most easily startled man.

Naturally, Basse's colleagues have capitalised on this fact by making him the butt of a series of childish pranks - several of which you can see in the video above. And in the poor man's defence, we have to say: if we fell victim to that "head in a box" jape, we'd be pretty bloody startled, too.

Thankfully, Basse seems to have a very good sense of humour about it all. "I like humorous things and people who can think up some pranks," he says - which is just as well, really...

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