Commentator Copes Admirably With Racehorse Called Arrrrr (VIDEO)

WATCH: Meet Arrrrr The Racehorse

Celebrities often get a bum rap for landing their kids with unusual names - but we can't help thinking that racehorse owners are far worse offenders. Indeed, a quick peep at the runners for today's 11.50 at Chepstow throws up several good examples of ridiculous monikers: If You Whisper, Irons On Fire and Diddums. Yes. Diddums! For heaven's sake!

In fact, you'd be hard-pushed to find a horse with a normal name - so it seems a tad uncharitable to pick out one in particular. All the same, we do feel you should watch the video above to witness how the commentator coped when a racehorse called Arrrrr had his finest hour. The final few seconds are a triumph!

Ah, that provides us with the perfect excuse to revisit some classic Alan Partridge horse racing commentary...

...and enjoy another of our favourite pieces of commentary from earlier in the year:

(Via The Poke)


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