'The Killing III' - Revealed As Nonsense (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'The Killing III' - Revealed As Nonsense

Think you're all la-di-da and intellectual for watching 'The Killing III' instead of one of the plethora of TV talent shows or light entertainment extravaganzas on Saturday nights? The joke's on you, pal!

It turns out the actors aren't talking Danish at all. They're just spouting utter jibberish in English for a laugh - but, as you can see in the video above, their little prank's just been uncovered by Adam Buxton. Rumour has it this scene in particular took 43 takes to complete because the po-faced pair kept collapsing into giggles.

Oh well, at least someone's happy on the set of the show - whereas Sarah Lund is extremely unhappy with her new jumper...


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