20/12/2012 05:08 GMT

Why We're REALLY Scared Of The Apocalypse (VIDEO)

OK, let's give the Mayans the benefit of the doubt for a second - and imagine the world really is about to end. At what point would you notice things weren't as they should be? At what point would you be REALLY scared?

Would it be when you were awoken by the sound of hooves galloping ever-closer? The moment when you spied a mushroom cloud outside the kitchen window? Or - like Jeff Wysaski in the video above - not until you opened your Macbook?

Don't worry, folks: the end of the world (probably) isn't nigh - as our recent expert analysis of other Mayan prophecies shows...

mayan prophecy

See? Everything's fine. After all, you're looking at this OK, aren't you? Aren't you? Hello? Is anybody there?

(Via Pleated Jeans)