21/12/2012 12:30 GMT

Prince Harry Apache Attack: Incredible Leaked Footage (VIDEO)

Know what comedy treat we're really looking forward to on TV this Christmas? Nope, not 'Paddy's 2012 Show and Telly'. It's Channel 4's '2012: Mashed'.

mashed rich fulcher

Comedian and actor (and Huffington Post UK blogger extraordinaire) Rich Fulcher presents the show, which is billed as "an insane look at the big news events of 2012", and features new commissioned clips by the likes of Dan Bull, Rob Manuel, Cassetteboy and David Schneider (who's also done some wonderful mash-ups for HuffPost UK Comedy this year - check them out in our TOPICALOL section).

The Prince Harry clip gives you a taste of what's in store - and as well as the royals, the Mashed team will be tackling Jimmy Savile, Barclay's bank, 50 Shades of Grey, Julian Assange, the BBC, the US elections, the Jubilee... and that's just for starters.

Tune in to Channel 4 at 11.40pm on 28 December to enjoy the fun. And kill a bit of time until then by clicking through our 'Prince Harry: From 0 to 28' gallery. There are 71 pictures to get through, after all...