Just when you thought you weren’t getting anymore gifts for Christmas, Cassetteboy goes and releases its latest track. This
This time the Health Secretary is singing about junior doctors.
Everyone's favourite mash-up wizards are back, and this time they've got Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in their
Cassetteboy have struck again and this time their attention is on the Investigatory Powers Bill aka the Snoopers' Charter
"A lot of people don't like me because I'm a little bit prejudiced and guess what? An unbelievable racist." Cassetteboy has
Cassetteboy is back with another news mash-up, in which presenters are forced to say slightly strange things. This time, Jeremy
Cassetteboy is back with another hilarious news mash-up, distorting the last month's news broadcasts to offer some slightly
Just as we thought the PigGate scandal was tapering off, Cassetteboy has popped up with a new video titled "Gettin' Piggy