21/12/2012 07:29 GMT | Updated 21/12/2012 07:35 GMT

A Very Viral Christmas: Poetic Look At 2012's Top Memes (VIDEO)

So what will first spring to mind when we look back on 2012 in years to come? Mo Farah running away from things? Nick Clegg apologising? Mitt Romney doing 'Gangnam Style'?

You know what? It's very hard to choose. So we're incredibly grateful to the very funny @MandyPandy32 and @Scriblit for producing this poetic look back at some of the year's most memorable memes. Ah, it's been a blast!

And just in case you're in the mood for further reminiscences about 2012, here are our top 20 viral videos of the year...

2012's Funniest Viral Videos