23/12/2012 08:30 GMT

Tulisa In Nightclub Argument Over Footballer Boyfriend Danny Simpson

It's never a dull day for Tulisa and now she has been involved in an argument outside a nightclub, apparently over her footballer boyfriend Danny Simpson.

The X Factor judge was on a night out in Newcastle with Danny when she got caught up in a slanging match with dental nurse Sarah Ashton as they left a nightclub in the early hours of the morning, but with both parties giving very different stories.

Sarah, who was on a night out with her Big Brother contestant friend Alex Rose, claims the pair recognised Danny and went over to say hello, but Tulisa soon turned nasty.

She told the Mirror: "All I did was say 'Danny' when he came out of Tup Tup with Tulisa. She turned around and started using gangster-type talk. Danny was behind her... when she got to the taxi she turned around and was still shouting abuse when it drove off."

However, Tulisa's team have given a very different version of the events, as they told the newspaper: "Tulisa and Danny were minding their own business and as they left the club, two girls started shouting abuse at her. She responded and there was an argument but Tulisa didn’t threaten them. A doorman from the club led her to a taxi."

Representatives from the nightclub have also backed up Tulisa's version of events, stating that two girls were shouting at the singer and her boyfriend as they left the nightclub.

Hopefully this will be the last controversy of 2012 for Tulisa and Danny, following claims he cheated on his former girlfriend with Tulisa, and subsequent suggestions that he has been receiving naughty text messages from other girls since the start of their relationship.