26/12/2012 16:05 GMT

Boxing Day Presents Auctioned On Ebay As Its Estimated £2.1bn Of Gifts Are Unwanted

Bah humbug! For those waking up on Boxing Day with sore heads and unwanted presents, Ebay is naturally the first port of call.

But it's not your everyday re-gifts up for grabs - some are auctioning presents from ex-partners on the site.

One user is offering three unwanted gifts "from a scumbag ex who thinks presents will win me over!"

"Needless to say, he's wrong. Must have been wrapped by someone else as he's not clever enough to have done them" they write.

Another user is offering unwrapped gifts from and unnamed friend or family member, noting they usually spend "well on presents so [the gifts are] probably designer."

According to Gumtree around £2.1bn of Christmas presents every year are unwanted, with Londoners having the most expensive hoard of unwanted gifts, worth £51.75 on average.

Londoners' presents are also the most likely to end up in the bin, with 4% of people there saying they would throw them away.